III Art Biennial Encontrarte, Amares .portugal.
artist invited by Artur Ruivo
A Morte da Verdade: Um Tempo Sem História, 2013
Art installtion produced in loco. Black rubber and metal washers, variable dimensions.
Work around logic constructions, allows me consider and reflect about specific space conditions and potentials, with the purpose to build three-dimensional bodies. Take, read and think the space in order to create a sculpture that lives -and somehow belongs to- each space, without this prevents the existence in many other contexts. In this adaptation process, the material is like a "plastic" line, used as basic essay component that is able to create organic forms: a tridimensional drawing that it's continuously adaptable through different places. In this concept, it has been exploring such issues to build a body that are no longer static, closed or permanent. Other types of materials, especially those that don't have a very long life, make the connection between the logic physical construction and its own matter, time and space works in parallel, in order to stimulate chaos, new and changes. The conceptual and operational triangle between drawing, space and material, reflect the connection system that allows this local interventions. Thus, allows to experience the time effects in the sculptures, their linear structures and the spaces they inhabit. 
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