| “Deux ou Trois Choses Que Je Sais d'Elle”, Collective Exhibition at zet gallery curated by Helena Mendes Pereira, brings together 7 woman artists under the Theme Woman. The exhibition will be open until September 4th 2021.
| WOMBAT by Sónia Carvalho, presented at EMERGE the artworks "Ready for Battle" and “Struggle Like A (Wo)Man”, both created from a collab in 2018 between Inês Osório and Sónia Carvalho, materializing in big scale printed photograph and installation artwork as a collective reflection about the place of women as fighter in our patriarchal society.  
| # Collective Exhibition at ÁRVORE Cooperativa Cultural, "Natal na Árvore", Porto. 
| Furniture Design Products in exhibition at Dubai Design Week, featured by MAMOA inside the Associative Design, Dubai, UAE.

| Artist invited to exposes at XXI International Art Biennial of Cerveira, Portugal.
| Artist invited to exposes at Biennale de Dakar, Senegal.


| Furniture Products exhibited in "The Best of Portugal" Associative Design Stand, featured by Mamoa at "Decorex Fair", Olympia London, England.
| “Aveiro Young Artist”, Exhibition at Museum of Aveiro, Portugal.

| Artist invited to the Collective Exhibition COCREATIVECONNECTIONS 7 - movi mento momento’, Curatorship by Filipe Garcia. Intervention site-specific witth Sónia Carvalho,@ Sport Club do Porto. Colab between Inês Osório and Sónia Carvalho creating the artwoks “Ready For Battle”
& “Struggle Like A (Wo)Man”
resulting in a reflection about the place of women as fighter in our patriarchal society.
|Artist invited to exposes at the XX International Art Biennial of Cerveira, Porto.
| Artist invited to participate at the Collective Exhibition ETRUSCA Single Open Day Ateliers, 12 ArtStudios at Porto Downtown - site-specific creation of "Estado de Sítio" at CASA MIRO.
| Artist invited to exposes at XIX International Art Biennial of Cerveira, Portugal.
| Artist invited to develop a site-specific work at 
Gaia International Art Biennial, presenting "Primeira Pele".
| Exhibition at MAISON&OBJET, Paris. to launch the furniture design collection of the Portuguese brand MAMOAdesign
| “Cocre(a)tiveConnections 4”, CollectiveExhibition at Galeria Geraldes da Silvacurated by Filipe Garcia, Porto
| Collective Exhibition at the Official Opening of Porto Design Factory and presentation of ADAPT® at Politécnico do Porto, Portugal
| Contextile II: Bienal de Arte Têxtil Contemporânea, artist invited to represent the Faculty of Fine Arts within the collective presentation “Emergencies: Artistic Education and Textile Culture”, at Design Institute of Guimarães, Portugal
VI Bienal de Jovens Criadores CPLP , visual artist representing Portugal (Salvador da Bahia, Brasil)
|”Du clocher on voit la mer” Collective Exhibition at Gallery ”La Friche”, Marseille, France: performance with the artistic collective RuadoSol172 as invited artists (curated by Marc Gneix)
| 6th Edition of the Young Creators Contest 2013: Collective Exhibition of the artists selected in National Competition of the Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Coimbra, Portugal
| Art Biennial “Encontrarte” 2013, Amares, Portugal:
|“Ici n’estpas là”,Collective Exhibition at Gallery ’La Permanence’,Clermont-Ferrand, France.
| “Mobile Art: Pocket Paintings &Sculptures”, 3rd Edition Collective Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto
| “Encontros Passíveis”, Collective Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto
| ”Teleférico Dinâmico”, Collective Exhibition by Gallery Gomes Alves inside the European Capital of Culture 2012, Guimarães
| “Aveiro Young Artists”, Selected Works for the Contest, Museum of Aveiro , Aveiro, Portugal
| “Mobile Art: Pocket Paintings and Sculptures”, 2nd Edition Collective Exhibition, Gallery João Pedro Rodriguese, Porto
| “Subjective Truths’, Collective Exhibitionat Centro Cultural de Chaves
| “Tramas que te tramam ou a rede que te sustenta”, Solo Exhibition at
Quarto Escuro-Project Room, Galeria Espaço Ilimitado, Porto.
| XVI International Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira, local intervention in the Castel of Vila Nova de Cerveira
| “Thirteen Artists, Thirteen Drawings”, Collective Drawing Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto

| "Momento (ação) 2"- Collective exhibition within the PhD thesis "Self-censorship as a procedural poetic agent of sculptural creation", by the artist Rute Rosas, at Fine-Arts Academy, Porto University.
| “Wicker Design”, Azores Combo Art Camp Exhibition at Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel island, Azores
| Exhibition of selected works for the Artistic Residency “Azores Combo Art Camp” at Cultural Center, S. Miguel island, Azores
| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Gallery Novo Ciclo ACERT, Tondela

| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Manor Residency Castle of the Counts at Santiago da Guarda, Ansião
| “Intocável/ Untouchable”, Collective Exhibition at Palácio das Artes-Fábrica de Talentos, Porto
| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Convent of San Francisco Municipal Theatre, Trancoso
| “Encontros”, Collective Exhibition at Health Unit Oporto Center, Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure I”, SoloExhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure II”, SoloExhibition and intervention in the derelict place, Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure III”, SoloExhibition at Museum COAC [Casa Oficina António Carneiro], Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure IV”, in Collective Exhibition from Master in Sculpture “From Process to Results”, at Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Porto
| “SALE 30x30”, sponsored by Cultural and Artistic Exchange Group “Identidades”, in Gesto Gallery, Porto
| “Dispersão”, Collective Exhibition in Museum of Cerveira Biennial, Cultural Forum from Vila Nova de Cerveira
| “Rumo ao Centro do Nada”,installation/video performance, co-authored with Hélder Folgado at “Maus Hábitos”- Place of Cultural Interventions, Porto
| “Dead End”, photography/performance with guest artists Patricia Oliveira, Ângela Silva and Katarzyna Lawrynowicz, in a private studio, Porto
| “FBAUP Fora de Portas”, Collective Exhibition at the Rectory of the University of Porto
| “Em trânsito: Intermezzo”, Solo Exhibition at Gallery AE.FBAUP, Academyof Fine Arts, Porto
| “Evidências”, Collective Exhibition at Gallery “Serv’artes”, Porto.
| “Queda livre: desenham-se novas trajectórias”, Solo Exhibition atGallery AE.FBAUP, Academy of Fine Arts, Porto
| “Portrait”, in Collective Student’s Exhibition at “Artes Múltiplas”-Espaço Cultural, Porto
| “Retrato: reflexos de si próprio”, Solo Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts of University of Barcelona Gallery, Spain

| Founding Member of OCO: Oficina de Criação de Objetos - handmade products, Porto, partnership with Mariana Sales Teixeira
| Meia-de-Leite, Dancefilm by the Brazilian choreographer and filmmaker José Artur Campos with Flávio Hamilton, Inês Gomes, Inês Osório, Marisa Freitas, NellaTurkki. Furst run in Fantasporto,
| Collaboration in the video of the artisticcollective RuadoSol172, at the Exhibition “Cara o quê?”, “A Capacidade de um Objecto-Lugar”, at Biennial of Maia, Portugal.
| “Movimento Zé”, capture and video editing of the documental artistic intervention in Oporto (author project by ©Tuti)
| Founding co-member of Artistic Collective, Studio and Gallery “Ruadosol172”, Porto
| “Videovigilância”, production and art director, set design, costumes and props for the fiction TV film, at RTP, Porto (AcademiaRTP).
| “Aprender a Magicar”, co-author, co-creator and co-producer in the children’s TV pilot episode (with Frederico Diz), at AcademiaRTP, Porto
| “The Ende”, short film co-authored and co-produced with Pedro Carvalhinho, sound design by João Torgal, Rádio Televisão Portuguesa, Porto
| “Manifesto”, artist invited by Alexandre Osório, for the performance presented in MANOBRAS NO PORTO, at historical center of Oporto, Portugal
| Workshop “Viagem no Vento”, collaboration with the artist Rute Rosas for props production, Educational Service at Casa da Música, Porto
| “Moment (action) 2”, artist invited toparticipate in the collective exhibition, integral part of the doctoralthesis presentation by Rute Rosas (with“Seulement Femmes’, in Academy of Fine Arts, Porto
| “Arquivos de um Corpo”, co-creation and co-production of video Tem de ser um dia de Tarde inside the artist collective ®deNós, integral part of the installation Tempo by Danilo Pavone, at Galeria Serpente, Porto
| “Sonópolis”, coordination, creation and production of costumes with co-direction by Rute Rosas, for Casa da Música, Porto
| “Border Control”, creation and production of set design and props with Rute Rosas and artist collective deNós ®, for musical show at the Casa da Música, Porto
| Founding member of the Artist Collective ®deNós, Porto
| “Evite Contacto”, performance co-created with Hélder Folgado, in the garden of FineArts Public Garden, Porto


| Work featured at at Art Gallery of Behance, with the project “Transferências de um Corpo”, Broadway, New York.
| Work featured at Behance Curated Sites in Art category, with “Projecto Nómada”, Broadway, New York. 
| Featured art work at “Le Monde Diplomatique" Journal , Portuguese Edition, January'2013
| Distinguished by Behance Network at Furniture Design Gallery, with the project “Lustre”, Broadway, New York.
| Featured artwork in Journal  “Le Monde Diplomatique”Portuguese Edition, January 2012.

| “From Place to Sculpture: Transfers of a Body”, Master Thesis integrant of the itinerant exhibition “Nomadic Project”; Dissertation available in Academy of Fine Arts Library, Oporto University, Portugal . 
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