"BEING A WOMAN, BEING AN ARTIST", Tile Panelinstalled at Altice Forum Braga. Public Artwork produced in loco with 12 artists  - Cristina Troufa, Patrícia Oliveira, Liliana Velho, Tânia Dinis, Ana Almeida Pinto, Elizabeth Leite, Alexandra de Pinho, Teresa TAF, Helena Cardoso, Lauren Maganete, Márcia Ruberti and Inês Osório - curated by Helena Mendes Pereira, promoted by @zetgallery and supported by Municípoio de Braga.
| REFLEXÕES sobre o Castelo da Feira, Collective Exhibition at Museu de Lamas, invited by the curator Diogo André Jesus, in Santa Maria de Lamas.
“Deux ou Trois Choses Que Je Sais d'Elle”, Collective Exhibition at
zet gallery curated by Helena Mendes Pereira, brings together 7 woman artists under the Theme Woman. The exhibition will be open until September 4th 2021. 
| "WOMBAT" Exhibition by Sónia Carvalho, presented at EMERGE with the artworks "Ready for Battle" and “Struggle Like A (Wo)Man”, both created from a collaboration in 2018 between Inês Osório and Sónia Carvalho, materializing in photograph and installation artwork as a collective reflection about the place of women as fighter in our patriarchal society.  
| Collective Exhibition at ÁRVORE Cooperativa Cultural, "Natal na Árvore", Porto. 
| Furniture Design Products in exhibition at Dubai Design Week, featured by MAMOA inside the Associative Design, Dubai, UAE.

| Artist invited to exposes at XXI International Art Biennial of Cerveira, with the artowk "The Human Dream", Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.
| Artist invited to exposes at Biennale de Dakar, with the artwork "KillingMe Softly", Senegal.


| Furniture Products exhibited in "The Best of Portugal" Associative Design Stand, featured by Mamoa at "Decorex Fair", Olympia London, England.
| “Aveiro Young Artist”, Exhibition at Museum of Aveiro, Portugal.

| Artist invited to the Collective Exhibition COCREATIVECONNECTIONS 7 - movi mento momento’, Curatorship by Filipe Garcia. Intervention site-specific witth Sónia Carvalho,@ Sport Club do Porto. Colab between Inês Osório and Sónia Carvalho creating the artwoks “Ready For Battle”
& “Struggle Like A (Wo)Man”
resulting in a reflection about the place of women as fighter in our patriarchal society.
|Artist invited to exposes at the XX International Art Biennial of Cerveira, Porto.
| Artist invited to participate at the Collective Exhibition ETRUSCA Single Open Day Ateliers, 12 ArtStudios at Porto Downtown - site-specific creation of "Estado de Sítio" at CASA MIRO.
| Artist invited to exposes at XIX International Art Biennial of Cerveira, Portugal.
| Artist invited to develop a site-specific work at 
Gaia International Art Biennial, presenting "Primeira Pele".
| Exhibition at MAISON&OBJET, Paris. to launch the furniture design collection of the Portuguese brand MAMOAdesign
| “Cocre(a)tiveConnections 4”, CollectiveExhibition at Galeria Geraldes da Silvacurated by Filipe Garcia, Porto
| Collective Exhibition at the Official Opening of Porto Design Factory and presentation of ADAPT® at Politécnico do Porto, Portugal
| Contextile II: Bienal de Arte Têxtil Contemporânea, artist invited to represent the Faculty of Fine Arts within the collective presentation “Emergencies: Artistic Education and Textile Culture”, at Design Institute of Guimarães, Portugal
VI Bienal de Jovens Criadores CPLP , visual artist representing Portugal (Salvador da Bahia, Brasil)
|”Du clocher on voit la mer” Collective Exhibition at Gallery ”La Friche”, Marseille, France: performance with the artistic collective RuadoSol172 as invited artists (curated by Marc Gneix)
| 6th Edition of the Young Creators Contest 2013: Collective Exhibition of the artists selected in National Competition of the Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Coimbra, Portugal
| Art Biennial “Encontrarte” 2013, Amares, Portugal:
|“Ici n’estpas là”,Collective Exhibition at Gallery ’La Permanence’,Clermont-Ferrand, France.
| “Mobile Art: Pocket Paintings &Sculptures”, 3rd Edition Collective Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto
| “Encontros Passíveis”, Collective Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto
| ”Teleférico Dinâmico”, Collective Exhibition by Gallery Gomes Alves inside the European Capital of Culture 2012, Guimarães
| “Aveiro Young Artists”, Selected Works for the Contest, Museum of Aveiro , Aveiro, Portugal
| “Mobile Art: Pocket Paintings and Sculptures”, 2nd Edition Collective Exhibition, Gallery João Pedro Rodriguese, Porto
| “Subjective Truths’, Collective Exhibitionat Centro Cultural de Chaves
| “Tramas que te tramam ou a rede que te sustenta”, Solo Exhibition at
Quarto Escuro-Project Room, Galeria Espaço Ilimitado, Porto.
| XVI International Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira, local intervention in the Castel of Vila Nova de Cerveira
| “Thirteen Artists, Thirteen Drawings”, Collective Drawing Exhibition at Gallery João Pedro Rodrigues, Porto

| "Momento (ação) 2"- Collective exhibition within the PhD thesis "Self-censorship as a procedural poetic agent of sculptural creation", by the artist Rute Rosas, at Fine-Arts Academy, Porto University.
| “Wicker Design”, Azores Combo Art Camp Exhibition at Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel island, Azores
| Exhibition of selected works for the Artistic Residency “Azores Combo Art Camp” at Cultural Center, S. Miguel island, Azores
| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Gallery Novo Ciclo ACERT, Tondela

| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Manor Residency Castle of the Counts at Santiago da Guarda, Ansião
| “Intocável/ Untouchable”, Collective Exhibition at Palácio das Artes-Fábrica de Talentos, Porto
| “Memories”, Collective Itinerant Exhibition at Convent of San Francisco Municipal Theatre, Trancoso
| “Encontros”, Collective Exhibition at Health Unit Oporto Center, Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure I”, SoloExhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure II”, SoloExhibition and intervention in the derelict place, Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure III”, SoloExhibition at Museum COAC [Casa Oficina António Carneiro], Porto
| “Nomadic Project: Structure IV”, in Collective Exhibition from Master in Sculpture “From Process to Results”, at Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Porto
| “SALE 30x30”, sponsored by Cultural and Artistic Exchange Group “Identidades”, in Gesto Gallery, Porto
| “Dispersão”, Collective Exhibition in Museum of Cerveira Biennial, Cultural Forum from Vila Nova de Cerveira
| “Rumo ao Centro do Nada”,installation/video performance, co-authored with Hélder Folgado at “Maus Hábitos”- Place of Cultural Interventions, Porto
| “Dead End”, photography/performance with guest artists Patricia Oliveira, Ângela Silva and Katarzyna Lawrynowicz, in a private studio, Porto
| “FBAUP Fora de Portas”, Collective Exhibition at the Rectory of the University of Porto
| “Em trânsito: Intermezzo”, Solo Exhibition at Gallery AE.FBAUP, Academyof Fine Arts, Porto
| “Evidências”, Collective Exhibition at Gallery “Serv’artes”, Porto.
| “Queda livre: desenham-se novas trajectórias”, Solo Exhibition atGallery AE.FBAUP, Academy of Fine Arts, Porto
| “Portrait”, in Collective Student’s Exhibition at “Artes Múltiplas”-Espaço Cultural, Porto
| “Retrato: reflexos de si próprio”, Solo Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts of University of Barcelona Gallery, Spain

| Founding Member of OCO: Oficina de Criação de Objetos - handmade products, Porto, partnership with Mariana Sales Teixeira
| Meia-de-Leite, Dancefilm by the Brazilian choreographer and filmmaker José Artur Campos with Flávio Hamilton, Inês Gomes, Inês Osório, Marisa Freitas, NellaTurkki. Furst run in Fantasporto,
| Collaboration in the video of the artisticcollective RuadoSol172, at the Exhibition “Cara o quê?”, “A Capacidade de um Objecto-Lugar”, at Biennial of Maia, Portugal.
| “Movimento Zé”, capture and video editing of the documental artistic intervention in Oporto (author project by ©Tuti)
| Founding co-member of Artistic Collective, Studio and Gallery “Ruadosol172”, Porto
| “Videovigilância”, production and art director, set design, costumes and props for the fiction TV film, at RTP, Porto (AcademiaRTP).
| “Aprender a Magicar”, co-author, co-creator and co-producer in the children’s TV pilot episode (with Frederico Diz), at AcademiaRTP, Porto
| “The Ende”, short film co-authored and co-produced with Pedro Carvalhinho, sound design by João Torgal, Rádio Televisão Portuguesa, Porto
| “Manifesto”, artist invited by Alexandre Osório, for the performance presented in MANOBRAS NO PORTO, at historical center of Oporto, Portugal
| Workshop “Viagem no Vento”, collaboration with the artist Rute Rosas for props production, Educational Service at Casa da Música, Porto
| “Moment (action) 2”, artist invited toparticipate in the collective exhibition, integral part of the doctoralthesis presentation by Rute Rosas (with“Seulement Femmes’, in Academy of Fine Arts, Porto
| “Arquivos de um Corpo”, co-creation and co-production of video Tem de ser um dia de Tarde inside the artist collective ®deNós, integral part of the installation Tempo by Danilo Pavone, at Galeria Serpente, Porto
| “Sonópolis”, coordination, creation and production of costumes with co-direction by Rute Rosas, for Casa da Música, Porto
| “Border Control”, creation and production of set design and props with Rute Rosas and artist collective deNós ®, for musical show at the Casa da Música, Porto
| Founding member of the Artist Collective ®deNós, Porto
| “Evite Contacto”, performance co-created with Hélder Folgado, in the garden of FineArts Public Garden, Porto


"Mobiliário em Notícia",  Design, Architecture and Interiors Magazine, with projects Alpha, Break, Christal and Slide.
"Bienais Internacionais de Arte de Cerveira, 2008-2020: Resiliênicas, Crises e Transformações", book from Helena Mendes Pereira, featuring the winner artwork “Transferências de um Corpo”.


| Art Gallery of Behance, with the project “Transferências de um Corpo”, Broadway, New York.
| Behance Curated Site in Art category, with “Projecto Nómada”, Broadway, New York. 
| “Le Monde Diplomatique", with the artwork "Pre(s)sente", Portuguese Journal Edition, January 2013
| Furniture Design Gallery of Behance Curated Site awith the light design project “Lustre”, Broadway, New York.
| “Le Monde Diplomatique”, with the artwork "Colher ou Ser Colhido", Portuguese Journal Edition, January 2012.

| “From Place to Sculpture: Transfers of a Body”, Master Thesis integrant of the itinerant exhibition “Nomadic Project”; Dissertation available in Academy of Fine Arts Library, Oporto University, Portugal . 
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