Projecto Nómada
Nomadic Project
Projecto Nómada was developed as a work project inside an artistic research integral part of the Master's thesis “Do Espaço à Escultura: Transferências de um Corpo" (From Space to Sculpture: Transfers from a Body, fully available in the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Oporto).
Presented as an itinerant art project, aims to increase the spatial understanding's worth for a sculpture's definition, using the drawing as a mental tool for its successful accomplishment. Drawing is used as a thought methodology and in that specific establishment, the procedural nature is evident and unavoidable. Every intervention (in total four) was created without previous projects/drawings and entirely built in loco, taking each architecture as a structure and the exhibition place as an workshop.

Projecto Nómada: Estrutura I 

Academy of Fine Arts of Oporto _jul.2009
Projecto Nómada: Estrutura I    Nomadic project: structure I, 2009
Back rubber
Variable dimensions

Projecto Nómada: Estrutura II
Installation in a deserted house, Porto _ Aug. 2009
Projecto Nómada: Estrutura II Nomadic Project: Structure II, 2009
Black rubber
Variable dimensions

Projecto Nómada: Estrutura III  
COAC Museum, Casa Oficina António Carneiro, Porto _ Sep.2009
Projecto Nómada: Estrutura III Nomadic Project: Structure III, 2009
Black rubber
Variable dimensions

Projecto Nómada: Estrutura IV  
Museum of Oporto Fine Arts Academy, porto _ Nov.2009 
Projecto Nómada: Estrutura IV Nomadic Project: Structure IV, 2009
Black rubber
Variable dimensions

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