1st Prize Winner Project
Project under production by ÉpocaLab, S.A., Portugal.
National Contest "Um Banco de Jardim"

Urban bench designed for a requalification project "Experimentarte" in the city of Paços de Ferreira, Portugal
This project attempts to combine function andcomfort in the everyday’s urban use sphere. Searching for a better, correct and plenty assistance of seat’s space, this bench allows the placement of personalobjects on an outer seat’s support, which in turn has the function of bench'sbasis support. Additionally, the other bench’s holder provides a support for bicycles, thus allowing a pleasant break where we can keep our belongings around in a fast, affordable and suitable manner
design by Inês Osório in 2011,, under production in EPOCA 

Take Place
Wood and iron
328 x 63 x 834 cm 

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